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Buildings Department Publicity Consultancy

Client: Buildings Department


When it comes to building safety knowledge, one may find it confusing due to its complexity of the corresponding ordinance and parties involved.

In order to facilitate the communications to allow the audience to understand more about building safety, an overarching creative platform “嗱嗱嗱,樓嘅嘢,唔少嘢” has been established to encourage the audience to look into building safety issue before small problems become big. With the same creative platform, catchphrases and educational messages were established for different targeted segments so that they could know their own role in maintaining building safety in terms of videos, events and social feeds on Buildings Department’s social media platforms.

Throughout the consultancy period, publicities were launched to engage different groups of target audience to facilitate their understanding towards building safety knowledge and encourage them to play their parts accordingly.






Creative Development, Mascot Design, Multimedia Design & Production


Strategic Planning & Branding Consultation


Digital & Social Media Strategy Development & Implementation