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Enough Plastic “No SUP Day” Campaign

Client: Eco Drive


With the proactive slogan Enough Plastic (不要膠下去) and participations of 60 celebrities, we created a bold statement with a set of thematic videos, online videos and a series of impactful portraits to demonstrate how SUP can ruin our lives if we don't think twice before using.

By the end of the campaign, the videos managed to generate more than 3 million of view rates with the hashtag of #不要膠下去 & #enoughplastic used on IG for more than 1,000 times and 800,000 engagements recorded. In a research carried out after the campaign, it is recorded that 35% of respondents has reduced the use of SUP by 5%-10%, while 30% of them reduced by 30% because of the campaign! The behaviour change led by the campaign is positively encouraging! 


Creative Development, Logo Design, Multimedia Design & Production


Digital & Social Media Strategy Development & Implementation